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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Body Shop Haul!!!

Yesss... Finally I got these items. I would like to give bigbigbig thanks to my friend Megan! She bought me these stuff because I got no chance to go to the store and she kindly offer me to buy these stuff for me. I'll do the swatches later..

Just quick list of the items below... :
- Hot Brights Blush 01 ( the pink blush)
- Hot Brights Eye Colour 02 ( the blue duo eye shadow)
- Eye Color #38 ( the green),# 08 (the chocolate bronze), #17 (the shimmer blue)

I just never know before that The Body Shop has these wonderful beauty section!!!! Totally gorgeous, very pigmented and nice color selection. I am just beyond glad to get these items!!!!

So.. Wait for the swatches!!


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