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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sorry for MIA for soooo looooonnnnnggg

So I know that I have been missing in action for soooooooo loooonnnnnggggg from my blog. I think it might be 4 or 5 months already. Of course a lot of things happened in my life within 5 months and and most of them are major keystones of my life. I'll try to run down each one of them clearly in this post, but sorry if it seems kinda rough. 5 months life in a post?? that is a very quick summary ^^

1. Graduation
So yeah finally I am graduated!!!!! With Cumma Cum Laude...Yeeaaayyyy!!! It was a lot of hard work. Tiredness, tears, sickness, boredom, everything I have been through (and of course everybody ever been through this kind of situation). But at least I got some pay off. But the most important thing that I accomplished was I made my dad really proud of me. He was crying during my commencement. When the announcer mentioned my name and I walked down my podium with my honor, I was crying but happy to have that moment. So here is a picture of my graduation!
So my dad came to me the night after the graduation to have some quality time with me. He is the best person that I ever had. He inspires me so much through all things that happens in my life. "People may have flaws in their life, but it is a matter how we handle every situation with wisdom and pray". I love you dad!! love you so much!! and also for you mom... You always there to listen to me.. Whenever I feel short of something, you always there to remind me that I have enough of everything to be shined. What can I say further about them, Thank you Lord for all the guidance in my family :)

Then 3 or 4 days after my graduation, we were off to New York for a week to have our famaly vacation :)

2. Working Life
Three weeks after my graduation, finally I got a job! After months of job searching, after tons of interview, finally I return back to my internship company. So grateful I am that I know I can hold on to God's promise that His children should not be worry of anything. The world can push you down, but with the glory of God, He will prove that we are blessed! So I am working in a small accounting company in Seattle area. I am trying to get the most out of it, so when the time for me to have my own business, I can take what I learn from this company and use it. We'll see more my working life prob in my next blogs :) not too much to say right now!

3. Youtube Channel :)
Check this out: www.youtube.com/limindah
This is my first debut in the cosmetics/beauty.make-up world. I am still learning and I will continue to learn. I am not an expert but hopefully what I did inspire another people :)
Please leave me feedback or comment so I can keep on improving my channel.

Well, I think that is all for now. It is literally 2am in the morning and I supposed already fallen asleep now.

See you guys soon!!!

Love ~ Indah :)


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