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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NARSaddict!!! NARS blushes review...

So yeah...you can call me a NARS addict. I have a little haul from NARS blushes and I want to share it with you guys. I actually got 4 NARS blushes: Desire, Gilda, Hungry Heart (duo blushes), and exhibit A. However, Seattle Downtown Nordstrom were out of the exhibit A so they have to ship it to me. Hopefully i'll get it within a week. So below are pictures of them:


It is a cotton candy pink color, very lovely and fresh. It is suitable for summer look because it gives you a shinny pink color.


It is a peach color with a little bit of pink undertone blush, very beautiful. also kinda nice for summer look and it is more subtle look for a fresh peachy cheek.

Hungry Heart:
You might not use this duo blushes like your other usual blushes becuase the function of this duo is to give you sheer shimmer cheek that make it more glowing. you can use single color or you can mix both of it and put it on top of your regular blush and you will have georgous shimmery cheek.

I found Nars cosmetic colors are very unique that not a lot of other brands have these kind of colors. Especially the blushes and the eyeshadow are very beautifull. The quality and the pigmentation are also great and it really pays off the price. So yeah, definitely reccomended.

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