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Monday, April 27, 2009

Things that Im looking for in the near future & recent update

Right now, I am actually looking for several things in the near future....

1. Our (me and Angela) Coastal Scents Order.
Estimated arrival: May 4th
I ordered 6 hotpots, one 12 eyeshadow pallet, and 5 Smacks lip gloss.

2. Sephora Order
Estimated arrival: April 30
I ordered 1 get starter Bare Escentual Kit and NARS duo Concealer

3. Finish at least 2 page of my scrap photo album, I've print out a lot of pictures from my web album but I even haven;t pick it up at Walgreen.

4. Apply for jobs.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Thinking to buy my NARS blush list but there are 5 single and duo blushes and it is crazy if i end up to buy all of them!!!!! HELP ME!!!

Me and my boyfriend just sold Bella last saturday!!! Now we only have Gio Left and he is such a swettie know that he is alone now. Calm and cuddly.


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