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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Updates~~ Tulip Town, UW Cherry Blosom

Well, a lot of stuff happened as I haven't updated this blog for a longgg time. I went to several beautiful places as the spring season is here!!! (even though the cold hasn't gone yet).

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival:
This festival is an annual festival, I skipped last year and thats why I was begging to go for this year one. I know that it is kinda early to go to the festival on April 18, 2009 since a lot of the tulips hasn't blooming yet, but Seattle weather is so not perffect for us to have a chance to go to this festival every weekend (as you know that Seattle is known as the rainy city). So, here are
some pictures of me and others:

UW Cherry Blossom:
SPring is alway the most beautiful season for me! with all the flowers... and especially this one, cherry blossom in Univesity of Washington. It was a pretty chillin day but it was nice enough for taking pictures:

My parents saw these pictures in my facebook profile and they were just totally jealous that they can't share these moment together. My mom told me that she will try to come here next year during early spring season. Well, at least they are coming here this year for my graduation on June 14 in Key Arena (ahead annoucement regarding my graduation).

Hopefully these pictures can share my happiness to all of you!!!


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